Latest thrift shop trip finds – Games

A Flinch card game. I love the drawing on the box. I sold one of these once, but the 70’s edition:

This box is equally cool but in that seventies way.
Found this Spare-Time Bowling Game:

Which is played with dice. Cool graphic, but definitely retro rather than vintage.
A National Geographic Global Pursuit game:

Never played this as a kid. I’m assuming it was meant to be educational, which in book meant boring.
The Visu Matic Card Shuffler:

By Royal London. Always nice when things come with the box. Sadly, the battery compartment was full of rust. Many cool things about this: The fake-wood look, the “Fingertip Control”, the eye with the arrow, and the fact that they call it “Cordless Electric” rather than battery powered. I guess when your company is called Royal London, you have to make things sound fancy. Somebody put little pen dots on the “Matic”:

I like that, for some reason. Maybe I’m weird.

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