Very Rare Dukes of Hazzard Boss Hogg Bop Bag WITH BOX!

Very Rare Dukes of Hazzard Boss Hogg Bop Bag WITH BOX!

Very rare hard to find collectible from the Dukes of Hazzard television show

Boss Hogg Inflatable Bop Bag With BOX!

Also comes with original instructions & “Vinyl plastic repair kit” – which is basically just a clear sticker.

Box is English on front, one side and bottom. In French on the other sides.

1981 Warner Bros. trademarked

The Bop Bag itself is in very good condition. No holes or patches. The plastic may have yellowed ever so slightly over the years, but this would be solely because of its age, and not because of exposure to light, smoke, or anything else, since the toy was kept folded in its box since I got it, about 25 years ago. The box is in okay shape, with some wear to it at the edges and corners, some scuffs, price tag residue and a couple of small tears. The bop bag leans just a little bit when standing, but that’s just the way it’s made.

Item stands 36″ tall

Behind the front picture, printed on the back layer, is a full panel that starts with a General Lee jumping out of an explosion

You can see the picture of Boss Hogg’s Caddy in front of the General Lee parked outside the Hazzard County Courthouse.

With a slight change of the viewing angle, you can see Rosco’s Patrol Car is also in the scene. Along with the Hazzard Police sign.

Behind Boss Hogg’s hat is the rebel flag.

Below Boss Hogg’s feet is the Warner Bros. info and the year 1981.

The back of the bop bag is solid white

For the collector that knows how rare these are and has to have it!

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