Busty Coaster Set

busty coasters

These “busty” coasters seem rather odd in that they look like they would be awkward to use. I know that’s kind of missing the point. Are they rubber?  Soft rubber? They don’t look consistent in their shape. Maybe that’s why they look to be in such good shape… nobody wanted to use them. I’m guessing from the 50’s.

S.T. Dupont Silver Plated Ligne1 Lighter Small Diamond Head Genuine France

A beautiful Genuine S.T. Dupont Silver Plated Ligne1 Lighter
This is the Smaller size
Pattern is Diamond Head
Made in France

Makes sparks when flint is inserted, but otherwise untested. Sold as is. Lid opens and closes well, and with a satisfying sound. Some discoloration of the metal inside the lid. Has never been polished.

Will be shipped empty, with no flint.