Flea market Finds – Boomboxes, Stereos & Speakers

Not one, but TWO Prosonic boomboxes. Somedy was a Prosonic fan. They made some pretty cool big boomboxes at one point, but these are from after the golden era of “ghetto blasters”. I guess they were going for the Panasonic look.
Some space-agey speakers:

Some noname speakers with “Quadra Linear Horn Sysytem”. I wonder if those horns are just for looks or if they are actual drivers.
Some Allegro speakers by Zenith:

I’m guessing these sound terrible.
A powered Aiwa Speaker:

Kind of intriguing. “Super Real Sound” “Dynamic Super Loudness”. Well, these are just… super.
A Finetone turntable / amplifier / radio:

Couldn’t find much about this brand. I like the tuning wheel, but I’ve never liked slider controls. They tend to suck.
The Realistic Clarinette 100:

Turntable, cassette recorder, 8-track recorder, radio… what more do you need? I was a bit tempted, but I have too many amps already. The name Clarinette doesn’t inspire confidence, though. Reminds me of when a salesman sells Homer Simpson a Carnival√© TV.